VT-CAVE Researchers


Ronald D. Kriz
Director, Laboratory for Scientific Visual Analysis
ACITC Author of the University Visualization and Animation Group
Principal Investigator of the NSF-ARI CAVE Proposal

Below are three lists of faculty who participated on writing the NSF-ARI White Paper, NSF-ARI Final Proposal, or are memebers of the ACITC Visualization Animation Group. If you wish to be added or make URL links to this list please contact Ron Kriz at rkriz@vt.edu

List of Recent ACITC: University Visualization Animation Group (UVAG) Researchers (1999-2004):
NOTE: This list includes only those faculty who have contribute significant CAVE projects since 1999.
List includes 21 departments that span five colleges. Full report summarizing these projects can be
downloaded from: http://www.sv.vt.edu/future/vt-cave/VT/annualrpts/rpt04/

Name: Affiliation:Project Title: PID@vt.edu:
R.D. Kriz ESM VEs of Tensors and Tensor Equations rkriz
D.A. Bowman CS HCI, 3DUI Group, HMD-Lab bowman
D.S. Hix CS HCI, Immersive Workbench hix
J.T. Kelso CS/NIST DIVERSE VE API Co-author kelso@nist.gov
L.E. Arsenault ESM/CS/Physics DIVERSE VE API Co-author lanceman
R.P. Schubert CAUS Assoc. Dean, Solar House silver
D. Rawlins Osteopathic Med Dean, Visable Human dtrawlins@vcom.vt.edu
A Nayfeh ESM, UDP ONR Virtual Crane anayfeh
T.H. Ollendick Psychology, UDP VEs in the treatment of phobias tho
J.H. McLain-Kark Interior Design Interior Design Futures Lab jmkark
R. Kass Art & Art History iGrid 2002: Matisse Flying Kites raykass
T. Capone, Head Art & Art History Digital Art trumanca
T. Wilkinson IDDL CollabVEs in distance learning tom.wilkinson
J. Colbert ICSRC Director colbertj
J.R. Wenrich ICSRC K12 Collaborative VEs wenrich
C.D. Hall AOE Space Systems Simulation Lab cdhall
J.J. Wang AOE Plasma Physics jowang
D.F. Cox Chem. Engineering VASP Data Viewer dfcox
W. Thabet CAUS, Build Const. VEs in Building and Construction thabet
M. Setareh CAUS VEs used in earthquake design setareh
C. North CS Large Pixel Display north
K.A. Duca VBI VEs in Immune Response Simulation kduca
P.J. Radtke Forestry Forest Measurement pradtke
M.S. Gutierez CE, Geo Tech Geologic Mapping magutier
D.B. Jones CAUS VEs in Architecture dsfjones@adelphia.net
D. Farkas MSE VEs in Molec Dynamic Sims diana
B.K. Dennison Physics Virtual Universe dennison@astro.phys.vt.edu
J.R. Lang Business VE Entrepreneurshihp in Academia jrlang
D.P. Tegarden Business 3D Visualization of Business Data david.tegarden
A.A. Sharov Entomology 3D VE Insect Anatomy sharov
D.E. Mullins Entomology IT in the Life Sciences mullinsd
D.R. Bevan Biochemistry 3D VE biochemical structures, VMD drbevan
P.M. Sforza Plant Pathology project title psforza
C. Shifflet History Virtual Jamestown shifflet

List of Recent ACITC: University Visualization Animation Group (UVAG) Researchers (1999):

List of NSF-ARI White Paper Coauthors and CoPI Researchers (1996):

List of Virginia Tech NSF-ARI White Paper Authors (1995):

Please send your comments and questions to Ron Kriz at: rkriz@vt.edu

Revised February, 2004