ESM4714: Scientific Visual Data Analysis and Multimedia

Course Registration Info for Spring 2008:
CRN 12842
Location: Torgersen 3050A
Class is currently scheduled for T,Th 4:00-5:15pm.
Because class size is small this time can be changes
Approved for Graduate Credit

Instructors: Ron Kriz, Assoc. Prof., ESM, Director Lab Scientific Visual Data Analysis 
             Jason Lockhart, Director Director of HPC Technology Innovation 
             Acknowledgement of Gordon Miller, Co-creator of this course (1991-1996)

Class Notebook for students: Class Notes, Lectures, Exercises, and Assignments.
Student Projects ( 91 / 92 / 93 / 94 / 95 / 96 / 97 / 99 / 00 / 03 / 07 / 08 /)

Each academic year, Dr. Ron Kriz and Mr. Jason Lockhart teach a course titled "Scientific Visual Data Analysis and Multimedia" (class syllabus for Spring 2008). The first half of the course focuses on developing graphical methods within the context of scientific discovery. The second half of the course focuses on developing a multiple media format used to communicate results taught in the first half of the course. All students report their final class project on the Web using HTML format. Developing graphical methods and multimedia format is of primary interest. The tools are used or developed within the scientific context of the graphical method. Tools are important but not the primary focus of this course. Students implement what they learn by the construction of a class project that use both scientific visualization and multimedia tools available in the Laboratory for Scientific Visual Data Analysis, the College of Engineering Multimedia Lab, or the students personal computers. As student personal computers become more powerful, laboratory resources will become less significant. The long term objective is to make this course an online distance learning course. Currently most of the class notes, lectures, exercises, and homework assignments are compiled on-line in a Class Notebook A simple easy to learn data visualization software tools, PV-WAVE and IMSL, are available as a discounted student edition from Visual Numerics that are used for lectures, excercises, and class homework assignments. Students are encouraged, but not required, to use other data visualization hardware and software resources for their class projects -- depending on availability and unique skills of each student.

Class lectures emphasize how scientists and mathematicians (i.e. Gibbs, Maxwell, Einstein, Feynman) first imagine their functional relationship of physical properties as a combinatory play of images before formalizing their ideas into words and symbolic script (equations). This thought process is an innate visual cognitive-psychical ability that we all experience. Lectures also demonstrate how these psychical images can be created and shared using current graphical tools -- Envisioning Scientific Information.

In this course, students develop an increased understanding of how to use visual tools for interpretation and analysis of large data sets where complex relationships between physical properties can be better understood or possibly new relationships could be discovered. Emphasis is placed on developing insightful graphical methods and create an effective multimedia presentation.

Ron Kriz introducing the class to Scientific Visualization part of the course.
(Note: 24.7 Mb Quicktime movie playable on Macintosh / Windows / UNIX machines.)

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